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A Child Rights Initiative
“The poor need the work of our hands, the love of our hearts.” – Mother Teresa

Reaching out to the underprivileged has always been one of the missions of Fr. Felix Raj, SJ. Inspired by his admirer Blessed Teresa of Kolkata herself, he has always been instrumental when it came to helping someone in need. Through his simple and quiet ways, yet so vibrant and dynamic, he has inspired many others to follow in his footsteps. An Educationist, an Economist with a Doctorate in Economics, Fr. Raj has a number of credits attached to him. The first initiative supported fully by him is Parivartan, a social organisation catering to the educational needs of underprivileged children at Titagarh. The other is Snegam Social Welfare and Resource Society. This Society was born as a response to address the educational needs of many underprivileged children who are still left out from the mainstream of our Society. Supported by a number of his disciples and friends Snegam wishes to reach out to the unfortunate ones so that they too can feel loved and cared for.

Snegam as a Resource Society

  1. As a resource society Snegam has conducted Orientation Programmes for Teachers of various schools. The Programmes stressed on Personality Development, Social Analysis, Child Psychology and Dealing with children suffering from behavioural problems & learning disabilities.

  2. Organised awareness camps and leadership training programmes for youth. Individual & group counseling is also conducted by Snegam as and when requested.


Snegam in Kolkata
Snegam started its intervention in Kolkata under the leadership of Ms. Cheryl Francis a social worker. A survey was carried out in about five slums under ward 78 and the findings were not shocking. It was observed that many families didn’t send their children to school because they couldn’t afford to pay the high fees charged in regular schools. Moreover, girls’ education was not considered important at all and many of them were sent for domestic work in exchange of some food and little tips.

Snegam took up the matter with one of the local clubs, which provided a room to start a learning centre called Snegam Learning Centre. more...


Your generous contribution will transform the lives of many unfortunate ones. They too will join the mainstream of society and proudly call themselves Fortunate….All because of YOU……So Awake, Arise & Act.

Snegam has received the 80G certificate from the Income Tax department. Those who wish to contribute towards the education of children to Snegam will get tax exemption.

Cheques/Bank Drafts can be drawn in favour of
“Snegam Social Welfare & Resource Society”

Aims and Objectives

To provide education to the very poor children especially the working children.

To promote girl child education.

To enhance women’s empowerment & promote self employment.

To support economically and socially backward students to continue with their education.

To promote vocational training.

To organise leadership training programmes for organised and unorganised youth, training programmes for teachers, counselling services, camps, training in social and community development, research work, health education etc.

To network with like-minded individuals and groups.


Our Future Plans

  • To mainstream deserving children to regular schools and keep complete follow up.

  • To begin similar community based learning centers at various places. For example one in Garden Reach, one at Entally and one near Budge Budge.

  • To begin Self Help Groups for women (mothers of children studying in our LC) to promote self-employment.

  • To Provide Total Quality in Education.

  • To act as a Resource unit for education and leadership training of youth, teachers, parents etc.

  • To conduct Health Check ups for children at regular intervals.

  • To network with like-minded individuals & groups.


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