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Mission Documents

  • Reminiscences of Brother Krynen SJ about St. Xavier's College since his arrival on 4 October 1865 + Krynen's remarks on Hosten's annals of St. Xavier's.
  • Memorials of Mission Superior's visit of Majlispur.
  • Catalogue of publications on Geography and travels.
  • Old maps of regions of North India.
  • Letters about Bengal Missions. 1861-64.
  • Documents about early years of Bengal missions.
  • Status Indiae Orentalis 1681. Scriptus A. P. Antonio Thomas Missionario Gallo Belga. Ex Siam 30 Octobris 1681. (Ceylon, Cochin, Cranganore, Canara)
  • Photos of St. Mary's Kurseong.
  • Extract: Historiae S.J. pars quinta tomus posterior 1701-1706 by J. Juvencio (Status Religionis et Societatis in Imperio Mogolis)

    Malle des Indes : 1921 : Nos 1-6 (Juin - Nov. + supplement & no. 7 (Dec). 1922 : Nos 8&9 (Jan & Feb) & Nos. 11&12, Apr/May and seconds Annie : No. 1 (Juin)

    Plates about early history of Madras.

    List of historical documents about Bengal Mission.

    Documents on Early history of Bengal Mission by Fr. Jules Henry SJ : 1828-46.
    a) About various types of school final examination (1895-1903).
    b) St. Xavier's College Committee of Management 1905.

Litterae Annuae Missionis Calcuttensis : 1860-65.

Prefecture Apostolic of Assam under the care of Calcutta Jesuits : 1915-

Catholic population in West Bengal : 1886 & follow.

Bullae Pontificiae re' early. Bengal Mission : 1838-64.

Convent Road Inscriptions : 1873-1912.

Diarium donnus Studiorum Provinciae Belgicae in Missione Calcuttensis : 1878 onwards.

Letters of Fr. Grosjean : 1903-14
Letters of Fr. E.H. Younan to Fr. Grosjeen : 1878-1899.
Other letters to Fr. Grosjean : 1878-99.
Letters to Fr. Perier : 1913-1921.

Catalogue of Books on India and Indian subject, collected by His Grace Dr. P. Goethals : 1898.

Addresses of benefactors & statements of accounts & relevant correspondence : 1880

School leaving certificates, by Fr. E. O'Neill SJ 1909-13, 1905-09, 1913-16 (Fr. Crohan), 1889-1902. (Stray document on early mission in S. India & Pegu).

Notes on early history of Bengal mission (according in 1865 to Fr. Victor De Buch SJ. Compiles by Fr. J. Henry SJ. Vols 2,3,4, from 1828-66.

Catholic Herald of India: 1906 & follow & catholic register : Dec 1929, Feb/ Apr. 1930.

Biography of Fr. S: Grosjean (Manuscript).

Original documents (of 18th century) from procure of the foreign mission of Paris, Pondichery.

Travellers in India in 16th & 17th centuries (with references).

From evangelical to Catholic by way of the east by W. WALLACE SJ (excerts from Catholic Herald of India of India : 7th Jan 1920-30 June 1920).

All documents before 1800.

History of St. Xavier's College : 1859-71, 1872-78.

Assorted photos of India (Darjeeling, Puri, Fakirs, Tribals, etc.)

The Mission during the World War 1.

VARIA during the World War 1914-18.

Documents Re' French Establishment Comptoire D'Janoun: 1767-1833

Catalogue of Fr. Hosten's Manuscripts
Letter from different Mission stations from / to superior : 1910-30.

Dublin documents re' English-Irish Jesuits in Calcutta : 1834 & foll.

Controversy about Catholic Missions of Congo.

Various documents (including the Bengal non-agricultural lands assessment Bill 1936.

Returns of Calcutta Archdiocese : 1880-91. 1895-99.

Controversy about Fr. Gille's article Swami, Padre et Saheb. Golden Jubilee of Fr. Lafont : 1906.

Old Maps : Chinese and Japanese.